ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – Responding to allegations by Afghan president Ashraf Ghani about terrorists’ centres, Pakistan reiterated that it was committed to fighting terrorism, adding that it backed an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace and reconciliation process.

In a statement issued on Monday evening, the ministry of foreign affairs spokesperson Qazi Khalilullah said it has taken note of the press conference in Kabul and its contents relating to Pakistan.

“Having been the biggest victim of terrorism itself with human losses exceeding 60,000, the people and the government of Pakistan can feel the pain and anguish of the people and the government of Afghanistan over the recent wave of terrorist attacks, which have resulted in the loss of many valuable lives and injuries to scores of people.”

It pointed to its earlier statements where Pakistan had condemned the deadly attacks in Afghanistan. “We stand shoulder to shoulder with our Afghan brethren in their hour of grief.”

Terming terrorism a common enemy requiring cooperative approach, the statement referred to the visit of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to Kabul on May 12, 2015, wherein he highlighted that Pakistan “considers enemies of Afghanistan its own enemies,” adding that Pakistan was extending its fullest cooperation in combating terrorism.

The statement added that Pakistan remains committed to supporting and facilitating an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan.

The statement came after the Afghan president, while reacting to the recent wave of terror attacks in Kabul that killed 56 people and left over 200 people injured, claimed on Monday that the organisers of terrorist attacks and terrorist centres still exist in Pakistan.

“Pakistan still remains a breeding ground from where mercenaries send us messages of war,” he alleged while addressing a press conference.

“Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif promised me the enemies of Afghanistan would be the enemies of Pakistan. We want this commitment to be honoured,” Tolo TV quoted the president as saying.