DUBAI – A Pakistani national has landed in jail after attempted to take a driving test for his friend in Dubai.

The Dubai Court of First Instance this week posed fine Dh1, 000 (approximately Rs38, 000), and ordered to deport the man after serving his jail term.

Prosecutors accused the convict of using a Roads and Transport Authority’s driving lesson form issued to his friend and the latter’s Emirates ID when he tried to take a driving test in his place.

The original holder of the documents, who was accused of aiding and abetting by giving his papers to the other man, also received a three-month imprisonment term as he was found guilty of the charge of using documents in others’ names.

The case was registered on December 27, 2017, at Bur Dubai police station.

A Sudanese supervisor at a driving institute had to inform his superior when he found the accused with documents bearing photos that were not his own.

A police sergeant told Khaleej Times that both men were apprehended when the complaint was received. “They were accused of attempted fraud.”

When interrogated by the police and during public prosecution investigation, the first accused admitted he tried to take the test, impersonating his friend and using his documents for Dh1,000, upon the latter’s request.

The ruling has been appealed.