PESHAWAR – A shoemaker from Pakistani city of Peshawar has landed himself in jail for designing Peshawari chappals made out of deer skin for his favourite Bollywood actor, Shah Rukh Khan.

“The chappal (footwear) has been made from deer’s skin”: this ‘careless’ statement of Jahangir Khan, a local shoemaker, earned him a jail time.

The shoemaker yesterday told the media that he’ll be sending shoes made of deer skin to the Fan actor on his special request through Noor Jehan, SRK’s cousin in Peshawar. Jehan reportedly asked him to make two pairs of Peshawari chappals (in Kaptaan Chappal style) for the Indian actor so she could take them to India with her on her visit.

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After the shoemaker’s statement made headlines, local wildlife officials arrested Jehangir Khan and later on released him. “We have taken the deer skin chappals for examination to see whether they are made of deer skin or of other animal. We’ll find out the result on Monday,” a wildlife official told Dawn.


Jehangir will subsequently be fined based on the findings.

Jehangir Khan is famous for having designed a Peshawari chappal for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif made from lion skin.

Another famous shoemaker from Peshawar, Chacha Nooruddin made the ‘Kaptaan Special Chappal’ for PTI chairman Imran Khan during Islamabad sit-in in 2014.

The trend of wearing traditional Peshawari chappal is gaining popularity for celebrating joyful occasions like Eid and festivals.