LAHORE – Inspired by the practices in Egypt and the US, a Pakistani activist has launched ‘Khan Meter’ to track the promises made by in waiting prime minister Imran Khan during his election campaign to put the country on right path leading to development.

The “Khan Meter,” a creation of a Pakistani social entrepreneur named Salman Saeed, aimed at documenting and monitoring the Khan’s first 100-day plan, an agenda unveiled by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on May 20 with a pledge to implement it within the first 100 days of the government if the party is voted to power. The major purpose is to keep the leaders of the country on their toes.

The project is very much similar to Obameter, launched by a fact-checking website, to hold then US president Barack Obama to his massive 500 campaign promises. The idea was, later, adopted by Egypt-based activists to monitor the performance of former president Mohammad Morsi.

The website has enlisted the promises made by Imran Khan, whose party has won a majority of seats in the National Assembly, by dividing them into seven categories – governance, federation, economy, agriculture, water, society and security.

Every category has different indicators to evaluate the campaign pledge of the PTI chief, who is set to take oath as prime minister in August with a tough task, during the first 100 days.

Unveiling the plan on May 20, Imran Khan said: “These 100 days reflect the path for which the country was made”. Now, his party is set to make government in Center and the performance will decide his political future.

10 million jobs, 5 million homes: PTI unveils first 100-day plan as Pakistan prepares for polls

The Pakistani techie talking to Daily Pakistan said, “I know that assessing the new government’s effectiveness based on their 100 days agenda is a bit unfair. All I as a Pakistani citizen want them is to start dialogues about these issues”.

Aiming to extend the project from the 100-day plan,  Saeed vowed: “I am working on extending it to 5 years and get all the points they plan to work on from their 2018 election’s manifesto”. The PTI chief has raised the expectation bar and that was the major force behind launching this meter, he added.

Talking about the initiative in a video message on Facebook, the Islambad-based organiser said: “We have been voted the political leaders to power in the past but we forget about the promises they made to us during election campaigns”. He added that the Pakistanis did not try to know the reasons if the rulers failed to commit their words.

This time Pakistanis have voted Imran Khan to power as he made promises which focus on the development of human beings instead of infrastructure, he said, adding that the Khan’s fascinating pledges pushed the overseas Pakistanis, who usually did not cast their votes, to come back to choose their leader. Many other people in Pakistan also used their right for the first time.

The activist said, “Those who have elected Imran Khan and his team are active now to keep any eye on their performance after they form the government in the federation”.

People’s curiosity to track the promises of the PTI sparked an idea in his mind to launch an online meter to assess the performance, he told the reason behind the step.

He said the Khan Meter was inspired by Obameter and Morsi Meter who had also made promises to uplift the country and the public wanted to know about the progress on them.

He hoped that Khan would fulfil promises as he did in the past by establishing a cancer hospital, NUML University and launching a massive campaign against corruption being a leader of a party.

The young organiser of the website said that he extracted points from the Khan’s 100-day plan and enlisted them on the website where people can check the progress on them. He also invited the people to give suggestion if any information is missing on the website.