WASHINGTON – Top US commander in Afghanistan General John Nicholson has expressed that Pakistan was pursuing its agenda in Afghanistan, complicating the war against terrorism.

In an Interview with Voice of America (VoA) General Nicholson also lamented Russia and Iran for pushing their own agendas in war-torn country.

‘Russia, Pakistan and Iran are pursuing their own agendas with regard to the fragile country, complicating the fight against terrorism and extremism’ he said.

The official remarked that the Trump administration wanted cooperation from Pakistan against all terrorists.

‘We all hope for a change in Pakistani behaviour, this is in Pakistan’s interest’ Nicholson added.

He maintained that Russia’s links with Afghan Taliban were also a matter of concern for the US.

‘Russia has been legitimising the Taliban and supporting the Taliban, meanwhile, the Taliban supports terrorists. I’m very sorry to see Russia supporting the Taliban and narcoterrorism’ Nicholson said.

When asked about the role of Iran, Nicholson said Tehran appeared to be supporting extremists in western Afghanistan adding that the situation was more complex than with Russia.

‘There needs to be a relationship between Afghanistan and Iran, which have seen a resurgence in trade that has partially compensated for a decline in Afghan economic activity with Pakistan’ Nicholson asserted.