Pakistan’s economic growth being targeted by an international conspiracy: Ahsan Iqbal

  • Interior minister allege some institutions want to usurp Parliament’s powers

LAHORE – Echoing the statement of his predecessor Ch Nisar Ali Khan, Interior Minister Chaudhry Ahsan Iqbal said Saturday that Pakistan is being destabilised internally as part of an international conspiracy to prevent the first and only Muslim nuclear power to become an economic power as well.

In a statement, the PML-N minister also alleged that some institutions wanted to usurp the powers and authority of Parliament. As per reports, he added, there was an office from where the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was being pressurised to reopen Hudaibiya case.

The minister noted that Parliament is the ‘mother of law’ and not an ‘orphanage’, but it appears that it was being made worthless.

“Some institutions are transgressing on the powers of the Parliament and we will raise this matter, and hold talks with parliamentary leaders to ensure the supremacy of the elected house,” he stressed. He added that if Parliament’s powers were challenged, it would weaken the basis of Constitution and this was not acceptable to them.

“It is hoped that the Supreme Court (SC) will take notice of the reports for the sake of a fair trial which the Constitution guarantees to everyone,” he said.

Ahsan elaborated that the media reports were very crucial and hopefully the Chief Justice of Pakistan would take notice of the reports.

The minister also said that contacting NAB officers through an influential person and issuing instructions was against justice, adding that Nawaz Sharif’s political stature was getting tall with each and every excess being done to him.

“We [Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N)] respect the verdicts of the superior judiciary but have reservations over them,” the minister said, adding that these reservations were not just from the PML-N but from a large number of legal experts and people of the country.

Regarding NA-120 by-election, Ahsan Iqbal said that Lahore would give a verdict which would be according to its tradition. “PML-N had run a comprehensive and effective campaign for the by-election, and Sunday’s by-polls will be a historic one,” he opined.