LAHORE (Staff Report) – Amarjit Singh, who hails from Nankana Sahib and joined Pakistan Rangers in 2009, has become Pakistan’s first Sikh Ranger to participate in flag lowering ceremony at Wagah border in country’s history.

The border forces of Pakistan and India hold special ceremony to lower flags at Wagah check-post where citizens of both countries are also allowed to inspect the activity.

On Saturday evening when the two sides gathered to lower the flags of Pakistan and India, that remain hoisted at the central gateway between both countries, Pakistan Rangers fielded a Sikh personnel to lead the parade.

Among loud slogans Amarjit Singh went close to Indian side of the border and shook hand with his counterpart. Marking a historic moment he returned waving a Pakistani flag in his hand.

On the occasion Singh posed for some historic moments be captured through cameras as well.