ISLAMABAD – Water is considered as the basic requirement for human beings, and its quality ensures the safety of human health. The safety of drinking water can be directly correlated with how it is collected, processed, preserved and presented to the consumers.

According to a recent analysis, only Aquafina met the touchstone of safety devised by experts and was providing ‘fit for consumption water’ to Pakistani masses.

The thorough analysis crowning Aquafina as the only safe water was performed by National Institute of Health (NIH) Islamabad.

The Institute after being moved by citizens collected samples through inspection teams led by Assistant Commissioner Saad Bin Asad and accompanied by officials from the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA).

The team visited manufacturing units of various local and foreign brands manufacturing bottled water and beverages and forwarded the samples to NIH and according to the report presented by NIH, apart from Aquafina, no other brand qualified the standard criterion set by the authority.

Saad Bin Asad categorically declared that out of the four international brands examined, only one brand of bottled water – Aquafina – and carbonated beverages – Pepsico – was declared fit for consumption by the competent authority.