WASHINGTON – The Pakistan Ambassador to US Aizaz Chaudhry on Wednesday said that Pakistan is determined to root out all kinds of terrorism and will not let its soil be used to stage attacks against any country.

Pakistan’s envoy to the US was speaking to journalists who met him in Washington DC.

Chaudhry explained that peace in Afghanistan is directly linked to peace in the region, saying Pakistan is willing to work with the relevant stakeholders to bring peace to the country.

“Pakistan has made tremendous sacrifices in the war against terror,” he said, adding that the Pak-Afghan border area was cleared of terrorists as part of Operation Zarb-e-Azb.

“Terrorism had an adverse impact on Pakistan’s economy,” he stated, adding that, “now, however, foreign investors, including those from the US, are now heading towards Pakistan for investment purposes.”

He stated that Pakistan’s negative image is an issue of the past, and urged the international community to look at Pakistan from a fresh perspective.

“Pakistan has made substantial progress on the economic and security fronts, and is on the path towards sustainable economic development,” he stated further.-Online