LAHORE – Scores of Pashtuns spilt out on the streets of Punjab’s capital city, expressing their unflinching support for Pakistan Army, which has carried out multiple operations in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas to weed out terrorism.

The leaders of Pashtun tribes took out a rally from Shahdara Morr and marched alongside the Metro Bus route, blaring patriotic songs in favour of armed forces of Pakistan on Saturday.

Holding Pakistan’s flag and placards with patriotic one-liners, the participants of the rally paid tribute to the martyred soldiers of Pakistan Army.

The rally would culminate at the famous Nasir bagh at 6 P.M, where the tribesman would address the public and recount the sacrifices made by the armed forces and locals in the fight against terrorism.

Talking to newsmen during the rally, the tribal leaders expressed that they would not take sides with anyone campaigning against Pakistan Army.

‘We are against the agents of RAW, whether they belong to the Pashtun tribe or any other community, and our rally is to showcase the world that Pashtuns stand by their army’ the participants announced with one voice.

Let it be known that, Pashtuns have been rallying behind the Pak Army on multiple occasions, decrying the nefarious designs of foreign intelligence agencies.