Passenger decries VIP culture after ‘unjust’ seat allocation to PPP Senator Sherry Rehman

  • Officials of SereneAir first told lies regarding seat re-allocation: Passenger
  • Upon pressing, the officials revealed that the said seat, for which boarding pass was issued, was re-allocated to PPP's Sherry rehman

ISLAMABAD – A passenger who was set to board on a Karachi-bound flight claimed on Friday that his seat was allocated to Pakistan People’s Party Senator Sherry Rehman in an unjust manner, keeping up the VIP culture alive.

The passenger, while describing the whole incident on social media claimed that his son along with family were allocated the seats 2C,2D,2E,2F for flight number ER503 of SereneAir.

The family reached the departure lounge of Islamabad airport and got their boarding passes for the seats in question, however, after few minutes, they were told that one of their reserved seats 2C could not be allocated to the family member, Muhammad.

The airport official said that the seat 2C would be changed with 4F, despite the fact that boarding passes were issued. The family refused to accept the re-allocation and kept firm.

Afterwards, a lady, linked to airport claimed that the seat 2C was wrongly assigned to Muhammad, due to an error in the system, but the family did not budge, sensing that a system error was not the reason behind that change.

‘Aam Admi’ booked in Rehman Malik’s offloading from PIA flight issue

They also informed the airport officials that VIP culture could be a reason behind the seat shift, however, the administration did not utter any word on this.

A few minutes letter, another women employee of the airport requested the family to accept the change while revealing how difficult was it for women to work outside their homes and support their families.

Upon further pressing, the airport official divulged that the seat 2C was allocated to PPP’s Senator Sherry Rehman and so it was necessary for Muhmmad to change his seat.

Listening to the actual story, the family members gave in and handed over the boarding pass after which Sherry Rehman was allowed to sit in the sit.

The passenger, who anonymously wrote the post on Facebook, lamented the VIP culture and the airline staff for lieing to cover up the actual issue.

Minutes after the whole saga went viral, social media buffs attempted to contact Sherry Rehman on Twitter but she did not respond as yet.

Rehman Malik’s confrontation with Passenger

This is not the first time passengers denounced the VIP culture. Back in 2014, PPP’s Senator Rehman Malik and a Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz legislator were ‘expelled’ from a flight by a passenger as both were allegedly late.

After facing what they said was a delay of two and a half hours, passengers of an Islamabad-bound PIA flight from Karachi, barred Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Rehman Malik and Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) Member of National Assembly Dr Ramesh Kumar Wakwani from boarding the aircraft. The two were accused of holding the plane back while other passengers waited for hours.

“We have taken it for too long… 68 years… are we going to take it for another 68 years?” passengers could be heard saying in the video.