LAHORE – Choosing a brand name for a product is one of the toughest jobs, as it represents the product and also makes an impression on customers. Sometimes some well-known names are given to the products seeking promotion of the businesses.

Meet Kashif Khan Mohmand who hails from Mohmand Agency and has launched naswar with a brand name of CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor), a multi-billion dollars project initiated by China and Pakistan. It is believed that the CPEC will open a new era of development in the country.

Daily Pakistan Host Yasir Shami who always tries to bring something surprising and strange for his viewers has traced Kashif Khan, who launched naswar with a distinguished name. Flags of Pakistan and China are printed on the pack of the naswar.

Talking to Daily Pakistan, Khan said, “I have selected this name [CPEC naswar] as it is a famous and successful project and I hope that my business will grow like it”.

Responding to a question, he unveiled his future plans saying, “I want to open up shops in Gwadar and cities of China to sell the naswar, which he claims to be good for health, especially for constipation and mind relaxation”.