ISLAMABAD (APP) – Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) Council of Complaints, Islamabad on Wednesday recommended Rs. 100,000 fine on Value TV for illegally operating under the name of “Channel-24” and for deviating from the approved programming mix.

The Channel “Value TV” was initially granted as “Real Estate and Property” content channel but later it changed its name and content without approval of the Authority.

The council meeting chaired by Professor Ms. Shamim Humayun observed that despite repeated PEMRA notices and directives of the Council of Complaints to revert the channel to its approved name and content, the channel has failed to comply, which constitute wilful violation on part of Value TV.

The Council, therefore, recommended that in case of further non-compliance and non-payment of fine within 30 days, PEMRA may proceed with cancellation of the license under the PEMRA laws.

Other Members of the Council including Prof. Dr. Maqsood Jafri, Dr. Shah Jahan Sayed, Ms. Nuzhat Fatima and Amjad Ali Afridi were also present in the meeting.