Fake News

LAHORE – Ayesha Mumtaz, the former director of Punjab Food Authority, has rejected the allegations of corruption against her.

“All the allegations of corruption against me are wrong. I performed my duties with absolute honesty,” Ayesha said in a video message released on Friday.

Dubbed as ‘PFA’s Iron Lady’, Ayesha Mumtaz shot to fame over the past years for her matchless resistance against poor hygienic conditions at dozens of famous eateries in the capital city of Punjab. However, her bold actions cost her dearly and she is now facing allegations of corruption from different quarters.

The PFA officer along with her team conducted operations and sealed top notch hotels across provincial capital despite threats and lucrative offers.

In her video message, Ayesha Mumtaz has claimed that she would clarify her position on any forum as she was all clean in her conduct.

She further maintains that a mafia has been disseminating fake news in the media, in order to harass her.

“[I] Ayesha Mumtaz has never been scared, nor she will be from this mafia,” the officer stated in a vehement tone of voice.

Ayesha’s clarification came after news on social media left people shocked that she could be questioned over allegations of corruption.

On the other hand, a majority of citizens believe that Ayesha was first sacked and is now being questioned as she came very hard on unhygienic conditions in scores of top-notch hotels of Lahore and Punjab.

Last year in October, reports about Ayesha’s removal from her post as PFA Director (Operations) surfaced, following a tug of war between the officer and her seniors in the Authority over the issue of reopening of restaurants that were closed because of lack of hygiene.


The former PFA director had reportedly raised concerns with her officers after some sealed restaurants resumed their operation.

She was then sent on a 104-day leave granted by Punjab Chief Secretary Zahid Saeed. Reportedly, Ayesha Mumtaz, in an application to Provincial Secretary S&GAD, had stated that her father-in-law has suffered cardiac and paralysis attack while her mother-in-law is a cancer patient and there is no option other than taking leave from government engagements.