ISLAMABAD (APP) – Pilgrims have to pay from Rs 10,290 and Rs 11,190 for their accompanying infants during Haj this year
under the government scheme.

According to official sources in Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, the parents travelling from Southern Region will pay Rs 10,290 as Haj dues for each accompanying infant.

While the parents of infants travelling from North Region will pay Rs 11,190 as Haj dues for each accompanying infant.

The children born after November 29, 2014 have been treated as infants while other children and adults are required to pay normal Hajj dues, the sources added.

The breakup of total charges included Rs 8,600 as Haj airfare for South Region and Rs 9,500 for North Region, the parents of an infant will have to pay Rs 500 on account of Hujjaj Mohafiz Fund and Rs 900 will be charged as vaccination charges and lastly Zamzam charges for both Northern and Southern region will be Rs 290.

Meanwhile, the intending pilgrims must have international machine readable passport having validity up to March 10, 2017 to avoid inconvenience.