ISLAMABAD – Fourteen-year-old Hasina moved para-medical staff and other people to tears when she reached Islamabad from her native Chitral to receive six bodies of her family members, all of whom who were killed in the tragic PK-661 plane crash on 7 December 2016.

The tragic PIA plane crash has deprived Hasina of both her parents, as well as her sisters and brothers. The teenage girl is now the only surviving member of her family. She had not accompanied her family on the ill-fated flight due to her annual examinations.

Hasina’s parents Mirza Gul, and Gul Huran, sisters Zahida Parveen and Karina, and brothers Hassan Ali and Fatman Ali were on their way to Lahore to condole the death of a relative. They had left Hasina back home in Chitral so that she could focus on her 7th-grade examinations.

Hasina could not control her emotions and broke down crying when the media tried to talk to her.

The girl was accompanied by Chitral MPA for giving blood samples for identification of her family members.