ISLAMABAD – The Prime Minister House has categorically denied the latest comments made by former army chief Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf that the differences between PM Nawaz Sharif and himself started when the premier told him to remove two serving major generals under his command.

The spokesperson termed this statement as utterly baseless, malicious, untrue and concocted. “No such issue was discussed between the two,” he added.

Musharraf claimed while speaking in a talk show on Dunya News Monday night that soon after his appointment as army chief, the prime minister had asked him to remove two major generals from service.

The former dictator went on to say that when he did not agree to the PM’s wish. “I asked him to give me something against the senior generals. I have to had some reasons,” Musharraf told the show host.

He added that he asked Nawaz Sharif to give him an order in writing so that he could initiate an enquiry and take action against the army officers if they found guilty of any wrongdoing.

Declining to share further details, the former army chief stated that he clearly refused PM Nawaz to act against the major generals who had probably advised Musharraf’s predecessor against the PM.