ISLAMABAD – Addressing a gathering at Chitral, where he opened the long-awaited Lowari Tunnel, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif launched a scathing tirade against the head of a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) which is investigating the money trail of offshore assets of the ruling family.

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PM asked as to who would hold the JIT accountable for using $49000 pounds on investigations.

“The JIT’s head awarded a contract of 49, 000 pounds (more than Rs5 million) to his cousin who is running a one-man company,” the PM said.

“He is running the one-man company out of his home. It has been said that he had given a 35-percent discount on his legal services,” he noted.

“Who had struck the deal for giving 49, 000 pounds to the small company and that too for a fraudulent work?” he questioned.

“This is your hard-earned money. This money belongs to you. It was spent so heartlessly,” he told the gathering.

“Are they all angels? The so-called owner of the London’s law firm is a member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf,” he added.