LAHORE – PML-N worker Samia Chaudhary who was found dead in Chamba House on Saturday night might have died due to overdose of cocaine , member provincial assembly Ashraf Chaudhary has hinted.

According to the autopsy report, there was no sign of violence on  Samia’s body and reportedly she died due to overdose of drugs or intake of poisonous liquid.

Ashraf Chaudhary, from who’s room, Samia’s dead body was found has alleged that the possible cause of death could be due to heart attack possibly because Samia was a drug addict.

Detailing the incident, Ashraf alleged that the deceased lady used to intake cocaine through nose.

It is relevant to mention that the room number 26 of Chamba House was allotted to MNA Ashraf Chaudhary from where Samia was found dead however, the law maker has refuted any such allegations adding that the deceased lady was a resident of his constituency and he did not know as to who gave room to Samia.

Husband of the victim, a resident of Sahiwal, says Samia had gone to Shorkot Cantt along with Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) party workers on November 20 and came back to Lahore on 22.

“She talked to me last time on Nov 24. And on Saturday, I was informed about her death,” Asif Mehmood mentioned in his application to police.

Police have registered a case on the complaint of deceased’s husband. The body was moved to a morgue for autopsy and investigation was in process. The death’s cause is yet to be ascertained.

Civil Lines SP Ali Raza said they had collected evidence from the crime scene. He ruled out the possibility of staying at the lodges without a reference from Member of National Assembly.