ISLAMABAD (Staff Report) – President Mamnoon Hussain is set to address the joint session of the parliament scheduled on Wednesday to mark the beginning of the new parliamentary year.

The President’s address to both houses of Parliament at the start of every new parliamentary year is a requirement of the Constitution.

The joint session will begin at the Parliament house in Islamabad at 11:00 am.

In his address, the President will shed light on the performance of the government as well as the challenge of extremism and terrorism faced by the country and the achievements made by the security forces in this regard.

The President is also likely to highlight the steps taken by the government to improve the economy and overcome energy shortages. He will also speak about the government’s development agenda, including construction of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Mamnoon Hussain in his address will also reaffirm the country’s commitment towards good relations with its neighbors for lasting peace and stability in the region.

The President will also give guidelines to the government on important issues facing the nation.