ISLAMABAD – Former NAB head and a close confidant of Sharif family, Saif ur Rehman claimed on Tuesday that Qatari Prince Hamad Bin Jassim Al Thani was ready to record his statement physically before the Panama Joint Investigation Team but in his own country, Qatar.

In an interview with Geo News, Saifur Rehman stated that the Qatari prince answered all the questions put forth by the six-member JIT in his letter and endorsed his earlier letters.

“I talked to Prince Jasim and he agreed to appear before the JIT provided its members arrive in Qatar for interrogation,” claimed Saifur Rehman.

Qatari Prince reluctant to appear before JIT because of Hussain Nawaz’s leaked photo

He went on and expressed his dismay over PTI supremo Imran Khan and opposition leader in Senate Chaudhry AItzaz Ahsan for hurling a barrage of allegations against Prince Jasim who is one of the wealthiest people on earth.

“Prince Jassim has made investments throughout the world. He is a member of Qatar’s royal family, and so casting doubt about his honesty was shameful,” noted Saif ur Rehman.

He clarified that, due to the procedure opted by the Joint Investigation Team regarding the interrogation of Panama papers case, Prince Jassim could not arrive in Pakistan. However, he was ready to face JIT if they proceed to his palace for investigations.

Sharifs’ Money Trail – Qatari Letter

Jaber al-Thani had come to the rescue of the ruling family during the Panama case hearing in the apex court in November last year.

The Qatari prince in question had forwarded a letter during the proceedings in Supreme Court last year in which he stated that the London flats were gifted by Qatari royal family.

The letter addressing the apex court states that in 1980, Mian Muhammad Sharif (Nawaz Sharif’s father) invested 12 million Dirhams in the Al Thani company belonging to the Qatari prince’s father. “In the year 2006, the accounts in relation to the above investment were settled between Hussain Nawaz Sharif and Al Thani family, who then delivered the bearer shares of the companies referred in para 4 above to a representative of Hussain Nawaz Sharif,” the letter read.

The Supreme Court in its April 20 judgment had ignored the letter that apparently was the fundamental point of Sharif family’s money trail.