LAHORE (Ihsan Qadir) – Despite India-Pakistan hate politics and recent border tension, ProfileForPeace hashtag campaign has now even touched hearts and minds of religious scholars and students of seminaries in Pakistan.

This time, top Deobandi religious scholar and Chancellor of Jamia Binoria Mufti Muhammad Naeem used the same hashtag and said: “I am Pakistani and I don’t hate India.”

Today I am so proud of this friend of mine Mufti Muhammad NaeemHe is one of the most prominent Religious leaders of…

Posted by Rehan Allahwala on Sunday, October 25, 2015

#ProfileForPeace hashtag has won hearts and minds of people from both India and Pakistan.

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ProfileForPeace campaign was started by a Mumbai-based activist Ram Subramanian and it has lessened Indo-Pak tension to some extent.

Its success can be gauged from the return of deaf and dump girl Geeta from Pakistan to India.

The hashtag has gone viral on social media – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis and Indians using it to convey their message to those at the helm of affairs.

The Binoria University International is seminary of Deoband sect based in Karachi

It was was laid by Molana Mufti Muhammad Naeem under the patronage of his father Qari Abdul Haleem in 1979 and has strength of 12,000 male and female students.

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The students of the seminary have also used the same hashtag on Jamia Binoria International [Official]’s Facebook page to convey message of love and peace across the border.


Posted by Jamia Binoria International [Official] on Sunday, October 25, 2015

On the other hand, Prominent hardline commentator and self-styled ‘Defense Analyst’ Zaid Hamid came hard on the  ProfileForPeace status of Mufti Naeem on twitter and said ,”Know these faces well !! These are called “Khawarij” Congressi pro-Mushrik Mullahs who want to destroy Pakistan !!”.