KARACHI – Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan said on Thursday that he was ready to join Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and other opposition parties if the movement against the government is launched over the Panama Papers issue.

He said the PPP has not contacted the PTI for launching an anti-government movement yet; however, his party was ready to join any such movement against corruption in the country.

Khan said the biggest problem that country is suffering from is the problem of corruption, adding if the Panama Papers issue was not resolved his party would again take to the streets against the government.

In an answer, the Khan alleged that the incumbent rulers of the country were incompetent and corrupt. “Because of corruption in the country the rich were getting richer and the poor poorer,” he added.

He said the PTI was being organised in Karachi and hoped that the party would give surprising results in the city, including Lyari, in next elections. He said the Sindh police needed reforms as people had no faith in them. If the police started discharging their responsibilities there would be no need for Rangers in the city.

Khan also appreciated the role of Rangers and said there was a remarkable decrease in the crime rate in Karachi because of the ongoing Karachi operation.