ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) said on Friday that it would file a reference asking for the removal of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chairman from his post.

The decision was made in the purview of the alleged failure of graft-buster chairman Qamar Zaman to carry out investigations in the Panama leaks case, as pointed out by the Supreme Court.

PTI spokesperson Fawad Chaudhry while addressing a press conference in the federal capital detailed that the reference will be filed under Article 209.

The PTI members mocked members of treasury benches and claimed that they had not thoroughly read the decision.

‘The ruling states that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will appear before the JIT, along with his sons, as a criminal,’ Chaudhry said.

‘If Nawaz Sharif had any moral standing or courage, he would have had resigned by now,’ the PTI spokesperson said.

It bears mentioning that the apex court’s judgement had categorically blamed chairman NAB for his failure to carry out investigations into the Panama case. Qamar Zaman also attracted the ire of judges as he was summoned to the Supreme Court during the course of proceedings.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has now decided to ramp up pressure on ruling PML-N in a bid to oust prime minister Nawaz Sharif from office, following the decision of the apex court in the landmark Panama case.

Earlier in the day, PTI Chairman Imran Khan announced his party’s intention to hold a rally in Islamabad next Friday to “demand Nawaz Sharif’s resignation”.

Speaking to reporters outside the National Assembly Khan posed the question: “How will the PML-N confront the public after the comments made in the Supreme Court judgement?”

“I asked the PML-N supporters, what were you distributing sweets for yesterday? You should have read the full judgment yesterday,” he said. “It has never happened in Pakistan’s history before that such comments were passed against a sitting prime minister.”