HAFIZABAD (Web Desk) -PTI Chairman Imran Khan Saturday said that oil prices dropped throughout the world but farmers in Pakistan had no benefits from it.

He claimed that the decision on the 4th constituency would be the same as that of the other three from election tribunals.

Addressing the Kisan Convention in Hafizabad, Khan said that 25 per cent population of the country comprises farmers and the country thrives on the efforts of these farmers but the farmers in Pakistan are in pathetic condition. He said that the Indian government cares for their farmers but Pakistani government is doing opposite.

He said that the prices of agricultural products are also increased along with the electricity tariff. “Oil prices have dropped in the international market but the farmers in Pakistan have not received any benefit,” he held.

Imran further said that 150 billion rupees were spent on metro buses in Lahore and Rawalpindi but had the government been aware of the farmers’ problems, they wouldn’t have spent that sum there.

“Farmers could have been provided with cheap fertilizers and seeds with these 150 billion rupees because helping the farmers would have brought prosperity to the country,” he said.

Khan said that three out of the 4 constituencies that he wanted to get opened have already been decided in PTI’s favour.

Imran said that the decision on the 4th one will be similar to that of the other three.