ISLAMABAD – The state-run television channel of Pakistan ‘PTV’ expressed its apparently undue delight on social media after its Twitter account was followed by the verified Twitter account of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz.

‘Thank you to the @pmln_org account for following us back! The PTV social media team is obliged’ tweeted the official account of PTV News.

The tweet that surprised social media buffs was made on Tuesday evening but it was deleted soon. However, PTV News and PML-N’s twitter account still mutually follow each other.

Twitter following and unfollowing is a normal routine but thanking any political party by a state-run television channel for the mere push of a button seems unnatural.

It bears mentioning that PTV, being a state-owned channel, is intended to maintain neutrality and allegiance to the state. However ever since its inception, it has been used as a tool for favourable projection by the party in government.