LAHORE (Staff Report) – Punjab government has consistently increased budget of health department 16 times during last seven years. Before Shehbaz Sharif’s previous tenure, in 2006-07, health budget was around Rs. 11 billion, which was now increased to Rs. 166 billion in 2015-16, which is 14% of the overall budget.

Some recent worth mentioning updates are:

• Air-conditioners, water coolers and generators have been installed in the hospitals with Rs 2 billion.

• Establishment of Asia’s largest Children Hospital in Faisalabad, which is under constructions.

• Establishment of new 410-bed hospital in Bahwalpur.

• Extension in Emergency Ward of Multan Institute of Cardiology has been completed.

• Rs. 7 billion package to young doctors.

• Provision of free of cost medicines to the less privileged in all the government hospitals is being ensured.

• Establishment of Healthcare Commission.

• Establishment of new 200-bed hospital in Shahdra.

These key initiatives of the government have left discernible impact.

“I understand that we need to do more to address the increasing demand of quality healthcare in view of escalating population,” CM Shehbaz wrote on his official Facebook page.

“Allow me to assure you that we are mindful of our responsibility in this regard. “My government will continue to make efforts to come up to expectations of the people,” the CM added.