ISLAMABAD (Online) – The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is planning to allot the biggest commercial plot of Pakistan to one of the strongest tycoon on November 16.

According to details, the plot comprises on 12 acres and the CDA has imposed a condition for the buyer to be an owner of five star hotel sidelining all the rules and regulations of the organisation.

Fifty per cent of the payment will be done in 30 days whereas bank will be giving guarantee for the payment of remaining money.

Meanwhile, Citizens Developers Association has appealed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to intervene and take notice of the matter.

As per estimates, each floor of the plot will comprise on construction of 12 acre and collectively 144 acre will come under construction comprising of 4200 rooms.

The Association wonders that such huge construction for five star hotel and shopping mall can pose great threat to the lives of people during any emergency situation.

Besides it, CDA has clarified that it will not supply power and gas to this building and if the owner of this plot develops his own plants for producing power and gas than it can have hazardous effect on the environment of Pakistan’s capital city.

Most importantly, construction on this single plot would consist of 1,300,000 square feet whereas the other collective constructed area of all commercial plots in Blue-Area also comprises of the same area.

Moreover, 35 megawatt will be required by this building whereas a single sector of the city needs only 17 megawatt.

Citizens Developers Association appeals PM that CDA should take off the conditions imposed on the auction of this plot and all the investors should be given chances to have an access to the coming auction or ever builders association will challenge this matter in Court.

CDA will hold another session on Friday to discuss the issue.