MULTAN (Web Desk) – Qandeel Baloch’s post-mortem reports have revealed that she was strangled to death in her bedroom while she was sleeping. The reports suggest that her neck and nose were squeezed to asphyxiate her.

The report further reveals that no wounds of torture were found on her body. The body will be sent to Lahore for further forensic examination.

Earlier, the CPO Multan had claimed that no bleeding or wounds were found and the model was strangled to death in her bedroom.

Police has sealed the house and is gathering evidence.

The model seemed to be troubled in the last few days, Private TV channel, Geo News Multan Bureau Chief said. “The last I called her for an interview, she was crying on the phone,” he said.

In a press conference held a few days ago Qandeel Baloch had said that her life was in danger. She had written a letter to the interior ministry asking for security.