PESHAWAR: A tailor from Peshawar named Shahid Iqbal Baloch has come out to claim that he had once tied the knot with controversial model and social media personality Qandeel Baloch.

Shahid claimed that he took Qandeel Baloch to his hometown in Balochistan after they both contracted marriage at a local court in July 2003. According to Shahid, his parents did not approve of this marriage and called it his ‘biggest mistake’.

He soon divorced Qandeel when he found out that she had already been married to someone else, adding that Qandeel’s real name was Fauzia and that she did not belong to a Baloch family.

Shahid claimed that Qandeel Baloch belonged to an ordinary family from Shah Sadrudin. He also said that he possessed their marriage documents.

“I was in contact with Qandeel Baloch in May this year,” he claimed.

Shahid said that recently Qandeel Baloch had also demanded Rs. 3 lacs from him. “I had arranged the amount but didn’t give it to her for a specific reason,” he said.