KARACHI (Web Desk) – Sindh Rangers officials have been interrogating senior Muttaiha Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Qamar Mansoor regarding the whereabouts of his brothers, who allegedly have been involved in anti-state activities.

Rangers arrested MQM leader under the charges of hate speech on July 17 morning, however TV anchor Mehar Abbasi has claimed that Mansoor is not detained for this crime only but there are few other things also.

Mansoor’s two brothers, according to the anchor, have been involved in anti-Pakistan activities and paramilitary officials want him to disclose their location. One of his brothers, also known as Kala, is wanted to police in Hakeem Saeed murder case whereas the other brother is allegedly Altaf Hussain’s important person to New Delhi, Abbasi said while quoting sources.

She further added that brothers of MQM leader also have ties with Indian intelligence agency RAW.

Earlier an anti-terrorism court in Karachi handed over Qamr Mansoor to Sindh Rangers for 90 days.