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ISLAMABAD (Staff Report) – A special team of Pakistan Rangers raided house of renowned journalist Salman Masood in Islamabad allegedly without any search warrants, the journalist tweeted on Tuesday morning.

Salman Masood is The Nation’s resident editor in Islamabad and a special correspondent of New York Times in Pakistan.

According to Salman Masood the Rangers arrived to his house and said they wanted to search his house as part of a “routine search operation.” The officials called themselves as intelligence personnel but had no identification cards, he alleged.

They carried no search warrants hence I refused to let them in, but they kept standing outside my house saying that they wouldn’t leave with searching my house, he said.

Later the personnel came with some higher official and they even thoroughly searched the kitchen, Salman Masood tweeted with photos of team that raided his house.

“Rangers even searched the drawers of my study table and asked if I had any illegal weapons hidden in the house,” he said.

When the journalist spoke to local police officials in Islamabad they told him that a search operation for a terrorist was underway in the federal capital.

Meanwhile Islamabad police has said that as many as 25 suspicious people were taken into custody on Monday night during a search operation. 17 of those arrested were carrying weapons, the officials said in a statement. It was however not clear whether weapons were licensed or not.

Earlier in November last year, police had arrested 45 professionals from hostel including three journalists. The Race Course Police Station SHO was suspended and the junior officials were demoted in a departmental action following the raid, on directions of DIG Operations Dr Haider Ashraf.


The raid has sparked a new debate online, whether it was really routine search operation or Rangers specially targeted the house of a journalist to harass him in the name of ant-terror operation.

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