KARACHI (Staff Report) – Ex-mayor Karachi Mustafa Kamal has said former interior minister Rehman Malik had more access to Altaf Hussain than MQM leaders, adding that the PPP leader used to dictate press releases for MQM.

“MQM’s top hierarchy was called to Dubai and the incumbent interior minister (Rehman Malik) was also present. The leadership was briefed about what the Scotland Yard had asked them and how they had responded,” said Kamal during a fiery press conference after his return to Karachi.

Mustafa Kamal, Qaimkhani blast MQM chief in joint press conference


Altaf Hussain used to ‘summon’ then interior minister Rehman Malik to London, and then ask Tariq Mir, Anwar Khan and others to ‘apprise’ Malik, the former Karachi mayor further alleged.

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Reacting to the press conference, PPP leader Rehman Malik in a statement said: “Mustafa Kamal’s talk about me is baseless, and nothing more than a joke.”