ISLAMABAD – It has emerged that there are no official records of the inquiry conducted by former Director Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Rehman Malik that levelled some serious allegations against the Sharif family.

The ‘inquiry’ often mentioned in the media as proof against Sharif family has no legal status, according to the FIA’s letter which dates back to 2000.

According to Express News, the interior ministry during Musharraf’s time had inquired the FIA regarding the nature of inquiry conducted by Rehman Malik against Sharif family during the 90s.

Responding to the request, the FIA, in its letter back in 2000, repudiated the legal standing of the inquiry terming it a ‘personal inquiry’ that was not conducted under the standard rules of FIA. The letter went on to state that the inquiry conducted by Rehman Malik was not even registered and was not followed by a legal notification.

Revealing the ‘futile’ nature of the inquiry, the letter further said that it was not conducted by any governmental institution and therefore has no official record, which meant that no action could be taken on the allegations during Musharraf’s time.