LAHORE (Staff Report) – Major Ali Jawad Changezi embraced martyrdom at Torkham crossing in the recent spate of cross border firing by between Pakistani and Afghan border forces.

Major Ali Jawad Changezi was an officer of the prestigious Armour Regiment of Pakistan Army – the 11 Cavalry (FF) – but his family has also been of great service to neighboring Afghanistan in the past.


His father Brigadier Khadim Hussain Changezi served as the first Commissioner for Afghan Refugees in the 90’s in Balochistan.

Many Afghan refugees and their leadership including ex-president Hamid Karzai always spoke highly of Brig. Changezi’s efforts towards the settlement of Afghan refugees at that time.

Before becoming president, Hamid Karzai also served Brigadier Khadim Changezi as his interpreter.


Brig Khadim Changezi took pride in helping the Afghan brothers. Growing up around his illustrious father, Maj. Changezi’s loss may be as deep to Afghanistan as it is to Pakistan.


His two brothers, Major Ali Qasim and Major Ali Asad are also part of the Pakistan Army and serving in different assigned posts.

Major Changezi is a collective hero of Pakistan and the people of Afghanistan. For his sacrifice, the Torkham gate has been named “Ali Jawad Changezi Shaheed” gate.

Pakistani military officials carry the coffin of an army officer who was killed in an overnight border exchange of fire with Afghan troops during his funeral in Quetta on June 14, 2016. Afghan and Pakistani forces clashed in an escalation of tensions between the neighbouring countries, killing at least three people and forcing the closure of the main border crossing, officials said. / AFP PHOTO / BANARAS KHAN

His life and death should serve as lesson for the Pakistani and Afghan people on the need for fostering brotherly relations and cooperating in the struggle for a more peaceful region.