JEHLUM – According to the postmortem report, recent British-Pakistani honor-killing victim Samia Shahid’s death was caused by poison, which she ingested through her food. Shahid died last week under mysterious circumstances while visiting her relatives in Pakistan.

Initially, her death was described as a suicide until it was revealed to the police that Samia had a second husband.

The Police have arrested a number of Shahid’s family members in connection with the case. Shahid, who lived in Bradford, had reportedly met with both family members during her stay in Pakistan, in the Pindori area of Northern Punjab.

Chaudhry Shahid, Samia’s father, and Chaudhry Mubeen, her cousin, have been taken into custody for interrogation, while another accused, namely Chaudhry Shakeel, is still at large.

Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan, Minister for Interior and Narcotics Control on Wednesday took notice of Samia’s death in Jhelum and ordered an immediate and fair probe into the matter.

In a statement, he directed the Regional Police Officer (RPO) and District Police Officer (DPO) to investigate the case and establish the facts of her death.

Police started its own investigation after Samia’s husband, another British-Pakistani, claimed his wife had been murdered in a so-called “honor” killing by her family.

Mukhtar Kazam, the husband, registered a complaint with police in Punjab.

The couple had been married for two years and were living in Dubai, police said, adding that it was Shahid´s second marriage.

“Her parents did not approve,” local police official Aqeel Abbas said, citing Kazam’s complaint.

He said Shahid was visiting her family’s village of Pindori in Punjab’s Jehlum district.

“She was killed on July 20. She has been killed for honour,” Abbas said, quoting the complaint.