LAHORE – The husband of Samia Shahid has claimed that he and his friends have been receiving death threats after the alleged honor killing of his wife.

Talking to Daily Mail, Syed Mukhtar Kazam, who arrived in Pakistan immediately after the death of his wife, said that his friends and other supporters had been receiving threatening phone calls from unknown numbers.

“The people standing by me have been getting phone calls with threats to shoot them, and me. I feel that I could die at any moment,” he went on say.

He further added that he did not know many people in the Pakistani community and as a result, he had to run from place to place to save his life.

“I cannot stay in one place for more than a few hours. I am scared someone will attack me,” Kazam said.

Pakistani police are meanwhile investigating the alleged honor killing of his wife, Samia Shahid.

The case, which was said to be a natural death in the beginning, has been blown wide open after Shahid’s autopsy revealed a large bruise on her neck.

Police have arrested and questioned Shahid’s father, who had initially claimed his daughter had died of natural causes. Since the, he has changed his statement to claim that his daughter had committed suicide.

The family of the deceased woman has dismissed all allegations of their involvement in her “killing”. But, Kazam insists that his wife was murdered  by her family for marrying him and claims they never accepted him into the fold.