ISLAMABAD (News Desk) – Prime Minister’s Special Adviser on Foreign Affairs has rejected the impression that Pakistan is facing international isolation, terming it a propaganda by anti-Pakistan forces

In an interview with the BBC, the Adviser said that Pakistan is standing at a right place in the new international grouping, where it has very good relations with China, Russia, and Middle Eastern countries.

However, while responding to a question, the Foreign Affairs Adviser also said that Pakistan wants to have cordial relations with the United States side by side China and other countries.

About US Secretary of State John Kerry’s statements in New Delhi, he said if he had been in Pakistan, his statements would have been different.

Sartaj Aziz categorically said that Pakistan has carried out operations against all terrorists, including Haqqani Network, during Operation Zarb-e Azb. “There is no discrimination among terrorist groups,” he maintained.

To a question, Sartaj Aziz said the United States is changing its policy in order to check the increasing influence of China in the region; and as India fits more in that policy; therefore, Washington and New Delhi are coming closer.

Commenting on Kashmir imbroglio, he said the issue is to be resolved by the Kashmiris themselves, as no one can suppress those who are sacrificing their lives for freedom.