SC questions Bol TV’s source of income, orders Axact to submit tax records

  • The owners should not be worried if they haven't done anything wrong: CJP

ISLAMABAD – The supreme court on Tuesday wondered about the source of income of I.T company Axact’s television channel, Bol asking how the channel was able to sustain when it did not have any financial reserves and was not even taking advertisements.

Hearing an appeal filed by Axact against a Supreme Court verdict in a suo motu case concerning the fake degree scandal of Axat, Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar suggested that an audit of the company be conducted by the Federal Bureau of Revenue and said that a representative of the body should be summoned to court.

Besides, the top judge ordered Axact to submit its tax records for the last 10 years.

“We should know where the company is getting the money from. They [the owners] should not be worried if they haven’t done anything wrong.” Justice Nisar remarked.

The CJP’s apprehension about the company’s finances were prompted by a group of Bol Network employees who claimed that they had not been paid by the channel, Dawn News reported.

To this, Justice Nisar ordered Bol Network to clear all of its employees’ dues, however, the judge was informed by Bol Network’s counsel that the channel did not have the resources to do so.

The CJP dismissed the argument and contended that the company could pay its staff from the money that was being spent to run the channel.

A representative of the employees told the bench that a total of 300 members of staff were not being paid, however, they could not mention the exact sum pending, irking the chief justice, who remarked that the court could not provide relief unless it had exact figures.

Assuring the employees’ counsel that a date for the Bol Network’s employees’ case would be fixed, the CJP told the petitioners to come prepared once a date was decided.

The court adjourned the hearing indefinitely.