LAHORE – Veteran journalist and Chief Editor Daily Pakistan Mujib-Ur-Rehman Shami has challenged ARY anchorpersons with an inquiry commission, to investigate both Daily Pakistan and ARY.

The seasoned journalist said this while responding to the allegations leveled against him by the ARY’s trio: Arif Hameed Bhatti, Sabir Shakir and Sami Ibraheem who had leveled baseless allegations against Mujib-Ur-Rehman Shami and other senior journalists for allegedly supporting the government.

The notorious ARY trio unleashed accusations against Mr Shami after he stated that the “everyday leaks” of the Prime Minister being given a “shut-up call” by the Army Chief are also an act of security breach and deserve the same seriousness if we are to take Cyril’s leaks and the reactions against them seriously.

Responding to a slew of allegations that were levelled against him after the Cyril remark, he said, “There are already a few defamation cases against ARY TV in England and recently a verdict has also come against them in Barjees Tahir case (Minister of Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan).”

“We are regularly paying our staff and if proven otherwise, I will quit journalism”, Mr.Shami openly challenged Arif Hameed Bhatti, who levelled baseless allegation on the national daily for alleged salary delays in Daily Pakistan group.

“Mr Arif Bhatti is welcome to visit our office anytime, and if his claims regarding non-payment of salaries to Daily Pakistan workers are proven true, I will concede the editorship and make him the editor,” he vowed.

The seasoned journalist while clarifying his position said that he had just inquired about who ‘publicises’ fabricated stories suggesting that “General Raheel Sharif gave a shut up call to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in a meeting without naming any one. Reacting to my questions, the moral brigades started allegations against our newspaper”, he explained.

The ARY trio have yet to explain where the “shut-up call” leaks come from.

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