LAHORE – Shab-e-Barat, the 15th of Shaban, also known as the night of blessings and glory, will be observed on the night between Thursday (today) and Friday night with traditional religious zeal and solemnity.

The faithful will throng the mosques to offer special prayers (Nawafil and Shabina) during the whole night, which according to some traditions is the night of blessings and accountability wherein mass judgments regarding lives, deaths, and blessings for the next year are made by the Almighty Allah. In addition to that, judgments for awarding blessings and Rizq to the believers are also made and prayers of the believers are answered.

The city mosques have already been specially decorated with lighting and buntings to celebrate the occasion and to facilitate worshippers. To enhance security measures, the numbers of police guards deployed outside mosques will be increased by the government to maintain safety of the worshippers inside the mosques. The believers will make special prayers for the unity, prosperity and security of the country and entire Muslim Ummah.

Special Nawafil and Shabina will also be offered by people to seek blessings of Allah and forgiveness for their sins. Besides, a large number of believers will visit graveyards including women and children to offer special prayers for the departed souls of their near and dear ones. According to some traditions, they will light candles and scent sticks on the graves and seek Allah’s blessings for the souls of their departed kin.

According to Islamic traditions, the night of Shab-e-Barat, falling between Thursday (today) and Friday, is considered the night of immense blessings and accountability when Allah Almighty bestows His creations countless blessings and also decides about lives and deaths coming in the following year till the next Shab-e-Barat.

Ulema and prayer leaders have appealed to the masses to make diligent and wholehearted supplications before the Almighty Allah on the blessed night for themselves and especially for the security and solidarity of our country and entire Ummah and those Muslim brethren facing persecutions and atrocities by the enemies of Islam.