KARACHI (Web Desk) – A Shaheen Air International flight made an emergency landing in Karachi, after the aircraft’s tire burst during take-off from Islamabad on Friday evening.

According to reports, Shaheen Air International flight NL901, carrying 150 passengers and crew, was scheduled to fly from Islamabad to Manchester. About five minutes of take-off from Islamabad airport, the pilot in command, Capt. Ehsan called the tower and informed Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) about the tyre burst issue.

Shaheen Air Plane narrowly escapes crash at Lahore airport

Upon this, Aircraft diverted to Lahore but could not land there due to bad weather in the provincial capital. After this, the aircraft was asked to make an Emergency landing in Karachi. An emergency was declared at Karachi Airport and firefighters, rescue and paramedical staff were called in.

Pilot was drunk during ShaheenAir crash landing in Lahore

The aircraft ran a circuit pattern around Karachi’s Quaid-e-Azam International Airport before making an emergency landing after the emergency services and Air Traffic Control had cleared the runway. The flight landed safely with all passengers, and crew on board, well and accounted for.