We go all out & make sacrifices for our children. We can even starve to nurture them properly. Hence, there is nothing more heartbreaking than not being able to provide your child with proper nutrition.

Today, 44% of children in Pakistan are stunted and our country is facing a serious malnutrition emergency. While the already critical crisis of malnutrition plaguing the undernourished children is gearing for worse and malnutrition remains one of the least talked about issues in Pakistan.

Shakarganj Foods recognized the seriousness of this void and decided to take the first step with MilkFirst.

MilkFirst is dedicated to improving the lives of Pakistan’s children and future generations. The program was launched with the aim to reach and nourish children in far access areas starting with Interior Sindh where more than 60% of children below the age of 5 may acute and chronic malnutrition.

Approximately 1700 families in Tharparkar were provisioned with GoodMilk for their nutritional needs and so began the journey of Milkfirst.

The MilkFirst team hopes to branch out soon to more remote areas at a national level so that malnutrition can be weeded out from its very roots in Pakistan.

The brand has also captured the spirit of MilkFirst through a digital film and is hoping to inspire as many people as possible to come forward and help them decrease malnutrition from Pakistan.

You can also be a part of the MilkFirst movement by purchasing a pack of GoodMilk and contribute in nourishing a child.

Team #GoodMilk is trying to spread goodness. Help us. Join us. #MilkFirst