NEW DELHI (Web Desk) – Indian aggression after Uri attack is crossing new limits and throwing weight behind the same hawkishness, an Indian Twitterati has threatened to encircle Pakistan with Indian nuclear submarine.

An image is going viral over the internet in which an Indian national Hemant Sharma in a post suggested that India should encircle Pakistan with its nuclear submarine then put an anti-missile system in India to surgically hit Pakistan. The post went on to claim if Pakistan attacks India, India would destroy Pakistan.


However, this ‘military strategist’ fails to consider the fact that Indian submarine cannot encircle Pakistan from the west because submarines are dependent on the presence of large bodies of water, which do not exist on Pakistan’s western border.

In addition, India has only one nuclear submarine, which, according to some military strategists, may not be enough to ‘encircle’ Pakistan.

The post is being widely circulated among Indians and being considered an ‘extremely viable’ plan to deal with Pakistan.

Indian hawks, needless to say, seem to have gone completely insane.

However, there were some Indians who questioned the feasibility of this plan.

It is safe to say Pakistani armed forces have probably put on high-alert after hearing about this diabolical plan that their strategist may have overlooked.