RAHIM YAR KHAN (Web Desk) – A shutter-down strike is being observed in Rahim Yar Khan on the call of Anjuman-e-Tajran against the government’s ban on hunting Houbara Bustard in Pakistan, Dunya News reported.

The protesters took to the streets, demanded to remove the ban on the hunting.
They said that the ban will not only disrupt Pakistan and United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) relations but also the economy of the country.

They stated that barring from hunting Houbara Bustard will pave the way of Arab royals towards India.

On the other hand, Supreme Court (SC) will conduct hearing over provincial and federal applications for review against ban on Houbara Bustard’s hunt today.

For this purpose, Chief Justice (CJ) has formed a three-member bench.

The hearing for arguments against the decision that put a ban on the hunt of the animal will be conducted by Justice Azmat Saeed and Qazi Syed’s bench led by Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali.

The Supreme Court had effectively put a ban on the hunt for the bird on 18th of August of this year. The Federal and Provincial provinces had submitted nine applications for review against the decision.

Foreign Ministry had earlier adopted a stance against the decision stating that a ban on the hunt will have detrimental effects on the relations with Gulf countries.

Earlier, residents of Bhawalpur’s Yazman staged a protest rally for the same cause. The protesting community also demanded to issue legal license to the Arab royals to hunt in the country as there was a provision in the law that allows birds’ hunting under specific guidelines.

However, the government and its officials are under pressure to stop Arab royals from hunting as the smugglers have come up with new ways to deport the rare Houbara Bustards out of the country for keeping their business afloat.