ISLAMABAD – The father of allegedly tortured 10-years-old maid Tayyaba said in his statement before the Supreme Court on Wednesday that he unknowingly signed the pardon affidavit as instructed by the lawyer.

Tayyaba’s father, Azam told the apex court that Nadra Bibi took the girl to Faisalabad for work. She told him that Tayyaba’s work involved only babysitting and playing with children. Azam claimed that he recognised his child after news channels aired her injured and bruised pictures.

Elaborating further on the out-of-court settlement Azam told the court that the additional judge had asked him to stamp his fingerprint on a paper if he wanted to get back his daughter.

“I cannot read or write. I did not know what was written on the paper,” he said.

Meanwhile, the apex court ordered to send  Tayyaba to Sweet Homes until the confirmation of real parents.

The CJP also ordered the investigation officers to submit case record along with suspect Maheen Zafar’s (Mano Baji) pre-arrest bail copy today and directed the police to present the final report within ten days.

The case of allegedly tortured Tayyaba was brought to the notice of civil society through social media. She was recovered from the residence of Additional Sessions Judge Raja Khurram Ali Khan, early this month.

Soon after the news of pardon by Tayyaba’s father went viral, the supreme court took suo moto notice of the incident and started investigations into the case.

Javed Akram, head of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences hospital confirmed that Tayyaba showed signs of torture although the suspect ‘Mano Baji’ denied any allegations regarding the torture.

Tayyab went missing after the apex court took notice but was recovered on Sunday in the suburbs of the capital Islamabad.

The case highlighted the plight of children working across the country in the form of bonded labour and human rights activists have demanded an end to the child labour following Tayyaba’s case.