SHEIKHUPURA – A car snatched by robbers around 12 days ago has been recovered from the possession of police officers who were using the vehicle after changing an official registration plate.

DPO Sheikhpura arrested two suspected police officers, including Sub-Inspector Naveed Sikandar and Head Constable Mehboob, after an inquiry. The police obtained a court remand of the accused persons.

The vehicle was robbed from a taxi-driver who had been booked for Khanqa Dogran. When the driver arrived at the destination, his vehicle was intercepted by robbers impersonating police officials. The driver was then left in the fields nearby and was escorted to the nearest police station by a passerby.

After a few days, the vehicle was identified by a friend of the driver after a police officer drove it to a medical store. The driver’s friend took pictures of the vehicle and provided it to the police station where case had been registered.

After obtaining CCTV footage from the medical store, the police discovered that the vehicle had been driven by Head Constable Mehboob, who was deputed at Factor Area Police Station.

Later, the police raided the police station and found the vehicle, which was being used by Sub-Inspector Naveed Sikandar.

The accused officials have claimed that they had found the vehicle near Khanpur canal, and that they were not involved in the theft.