LAHORE – An environmental journalist, Syed Muhammad Abubakar has clinched three AGAHI awards at a ceremony recently held in Islamabad.

He has won in the categories of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Water Diplomacy and Disaster and Catastrophe, and is the only one to win three AGAHI awards this year 2016.

Syed, a Lahore-based journo, regularly contributes stories on the issues of climate change, global warming, deforestation, water and food security, sustainable development, pollution, urban resilience and biodiversity conservation in leading dailies of Pakistan.
Last year, he was able to win the SEC-Toyota Young Environmental Journalist of the Year 2015 award, at Asian Environment Journalism Awards (AEJA), hosted by Singapore Environment Council (SEC).

The award-winning journalist is also promoting environmental journalism in Pakistan by mobilising environmental journalists to write on various environmental issues, by sharing scientific reports and contacts of relevant experts. With a master in media studies, Abubakar plans to do a PhD on the media and environment nexus.

Commenting upon Abubakar’s achievements, Syed Abu Ahmad Akif, Secretary, Ministry of Climate Change, said, “Pakistan is the 7th most climate change vulnerable country in the world. Unfortunately, we have too little media attention in this regard”, he said.

“I am pleased to know that he has won three AGAHI Awards by writing in the SDGs, Water Diplomacy and Disasters and Catastrophe categories. His stories cast light on the important environmental issues Pakistan faces and the solutions that lie within”, the secretary added.

AGAHI Awards aim to recognise the efforts of journalists and media community every year and acknowledge journalists’ professional commitment to promote accountability to safeguard the public interest. Quality journalism heightens collective consciousness of a society that builds a nation’s identity and purpose.