CHITRAL: Two Kalashi shepherds were killed on Friday inside the Pakistani border, allegedly by Afghan Talibans who also stole hundreds of sheep from their flock, said a spokesman of the Chitral Scouts.

The incident took place near the Bahk pasture in Bamborait where Wali Khan, 50, and Noor Ahmad, 47, were grazing their goats near Nooristan, close to the Afghanistan border.

According to SHO Abdul Fateh police station Bamborait, some unknown persons attacked the Kalash tribe last night and killed them in indiscriminate firing. Both belonged to the minority Kalash community and were grazing their goats at night when the incident happened.

According to the spokesman of Chitral Scout, a similar incident was previously also reported from Bahook in the Kalash valley located near the Pak-Afghan border.