Decision to fire doctor based on AKUH’s policy, not on any ‘social pressure’, says AKUH while details of doctor’s allegedly murky past leaked online

  • The doctor, in question, was already under investigation and had been issued a warning, shares Ambreen Kazim

KARACHI – Agha Khan University Hospital (AKUH) has refused to issue any information regarding the doctor, who was accused by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy of harassing her sister. The doctor was reportedly fired from his job after Oscar-winning filmmaker took twitter to accuse him of harassment.

Agha Khan University Hospital and Ms Chinoy faced harsh criticism over the decision of letting the doctor go and misusing the word ‘harassment’, respectively.

AKUH refused to comment on the issue, according to a statement issued by the hospital:

“The Agha Khan University Hospital always maintains the highest standards of confidentiality, regardless of patient or employees status and will not release any information on its patients or employees. AKUH follows its policies and makes its decisions based on facts, and not on any social pressure”.


However, a senior member of board at AKUH ,reportedly, shared some details without uttering a name to a friend and requested it to be shared. According to Ambreen Kazim Thomposn, she received a call from a senior member of board at AKUH, who explained that the doctor in question was already under investigation and was given warning due to complaints received by several female staff members and patients. AKUH was dealing with the matter internally.

The senior member refused to utter any name or information of the accused doctor or his victims.